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We may vary these Terms & Conditions at our discretion.

If you do not agree with any of these terms you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. If you have any questions regarding this policy or your dealings with our website, please contact us.

Terms of Trade

“We” & “us” refers to Panache Video Ltd and/or Oxford Tape Studio.
“You” refers to any client, private individual or business entity doing business with us.

Please consider the following before engaging our services. By engaging us for any work, you will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted all of these terms. We may revise this document at any time.

Much of the media supplied to us for conversion is by nature, quite old and may have been stored in sub-optimal conditions resulting in physical or electronic damage, thus increasing the chances of irreparable loss or damage during our attempts to play or read it.

Oxford Tape Studio is a brand owned and operated by Panache Video Ltd and as such, is governed by all laws and regulations pertaining to a Limited Company under English law.

The brand is used by Panache Video Ltd to advertise, promote and operate any services broadly related to video tape and/or equivalent solid-state recording and data storage media.

Oxford Tape Studio - Risk, Responsibility & Liability:

We take every reasonable precaution to ensure that any machinery we use to replay magnetic tapes, optical discs or other data storage formats are maintained to the optimum condition possible. However, it is not possible for us to ensure that there will not ever be a mechanical breakdown or other event beyond our ability to foresee.

We cannot be held responsible for the physical or electronic condition, usability or readability of any cassettes, discs or other storage media you supply to us. Where possible, we will attempt, by prior agreement, to repair or correct any damage to cassettes to the best of our abilities. These repairs or corrections may be charged for at our discretion. No guarantee will be offered as to the effectiveness of the repairs.

If after fully assessing the condition of the supplied media and undertaking repair or correction we consider that the risk of loss or damage is high, we will consult you again before starting the work. We may ask you to provide written confirmation that you still wish for the work to be done and that you will absolve us from any and all responsibility for such loss or damage. Where we incur damage to any of our equipment due to the condition of your media, we will accept this risk and not seek recompense from you.

Whilst we will try to offer an estimated schedule for completion of the work if requested, due to the high chances of delays through circumstances beyond our control, we will not ever commit to a specific date for completion.

We reserve the right to sub-contract, wholly or partially, any part of the work you engage us for where circumstances require this.

You the Client - Risk, Responsibility & Liability

You must accept that there is a degree of risk that your video or audio media may suffer irreparable loss or damage as a result of our efforts to carry out the agreed services. You must ensure that you have permission from the owner of the media to carry out the work you ask us for.

You must ensure that there is no issue with copyright infringement. We reserve the right to ask for written assurance from the copyright holders.

You must ensure ensure that the end-product you ask for is suitable for the intended use.

Virus, Malware & data corruption:

We reserve the right to subject any media that has been connected to a computer to a virus scanning process before we agree to work with it. This may have a significant impact on the work schedule.

We ensure that all files supplied by us are, as far as is possible to detect, free from any viruses or malware. However, it is your responsibility to further ensure that the media is safe to run on your chosen playback system. We will not be held responsible for any data corruption, loss or damage to software or hardware caused by the use of the files or storage media that we supply.


Payment in full is required upon collection of the work, or in advance by bank transfer if the work is to be delivered to you via online transfers. Invoicing (on 14 day terms) can be arranged by prior negotiation. We may seek to ensure your financial responsibility before agreeing any invoicing arrangements.

Copyright for the end result of our work, be it in physical or electronic form, is vested in us under English law, even when the video/audio media on or in the end result does not belong to us. We will terminate any and all of our rights to any copyright interest only upon full and final receipt of payment.

May 2020